Reserved Listing Alice Benjamin

Reserved Listing Alice Benjamin

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Wonder Women  $3.00

Spider Girl    $3.00

Boxers (2)   $1.00

Black Vest Set  $3.00

Leggings (red, blue, alphabet, and leopard)  $2.00

Purple Jeans   $1.50

Tee Shirt and Panty Set (pink, yellow, and blue)  $7.50

White Vest  $1.00

Gray Sweatshirt  $1.00

Black Dress  $3.00

Sunflower Set  $4.00

Blue Cold Shoulder  $2.50

Distress Legging Set  $1.50

Thank you for your purchase.  Payment is due upon receipt.

Blue and White Polka Dot Set  $3.00

Plaid Set (Brown)  $5.00

Pink Top Bow Set  $2.00

Mama’s Boy Short Set  $1.00

Mermaid Swim Set  $2.00

Valentines Dress  $1.00

Yellow and Green Dress  $1.00

Adirondack Coat (Black and Gray)  $10.00

Purple Jogging Set  $3.00

Hoodie Set (Yellow and Pink)  $10.00

Rain Set (Hot Pink)  $7.00

Rain Set (Male)  $3.00

Elf Dress $2.00

Thank you for your purchase.  Payment due upon notification.